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Dates: July 9 to July 15

During Voices from the European Theater, educators will receive an in-depth, weeklong workshop on the diverse stories from World War II in Europe. Altogether, 16.1 million US military personnel served in World War II across all theaters. Out of this number, about 2 million Americans served in the European Theater including 7,600 Women’s Army Corps members. These numbers and the individual stories behind them can be difficult for students to fully understand. Within the War in Europe, there are millions of stories, some well-known, others too often passed over, that can help students deepen their understanding of the impact and legacy of World War II. With a special focus on the Museum’s oral history collections, this workshop will highlight the many stories included in the Museum’s resources and curriculum. Learning from historians, educators, and museum staff, teachers will gain a better understanding of World War II in the European theater and the best strategies to use Museum resources to teach about World War II.

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